Employee nabbed for stealing from store

Published 1:39 pm Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Goody’s employee was arrested after loss prevention officers discovered $3,049.21 missing from the store.

According to jail records, Alison Leigh Roberts, 38, was arrested June 25 and charged with theft of property, second degree.

The store’s Loss Prevention Division tipped off the Greenville Police Department, who then opened an investigation.

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“We learned that she was making fraudulent returns,” Sgt. Kenneth Hadley said. “She’d ring up a return when there was no return and then take the cash.”

Hadley said Roberts also confessed to stealing more than $275 in merchandise from the store.


Housekeeper charged with theft


A woman who worked as a housekeeper was arrested June 18 for cleaning her employer out of jewelry.

Victoria Allen, 46, was arrested and charged with theft of property, second degree, after she stole a gold necklace and several diamond rings from the owner of a house she was hired to clean. Jail records show that Allen was also charged with theft by deception, third degree.

According to police, Allen then pawned the items. All of the items were recovered.


Thief makes bad call


A woman accused of stealing a Greenville woman’s iPhone made the wrong call on Wednesday.

According to police, a Greenville woman who was at a medical clinic in Montgomery accidently left her phone in the restroom of the facility. When she went back to retrieve it, the phone was gone.

Eventually the woman accused of stealing the phone reached out to the victim.

“She called and asked if there was a reward for the return of the phone,” Hadley said. “The victim contacted us, and we set up a sting. We told the victim to have the caller meet at McDonald’s to collect the reward.”

But the caller never showed.

“We think she saw a police car and got spooked,” Hadley said.

Instead, she showed up at the police station.

“She gave the phone to an officer and said she was told to drop it off there,” Hadley said.

At that point, Annie Montgomery Marsh was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property.