Changes target costs, services

Published 2:41 pm Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Butler County School System has reorganized its central office staff in an effort to cut costs and improve services.

Last week the Butler County Board of Education approved a plan submitted by Superintendent Amy Bryan that restructured the responsibilities of the system’s central office staff, which will help offset the need to hire personnel to fill Bryan’s former role as director of federal programs and the assistant superintendent of operations position which was held by Allin Whittle.

“Even though we have a leaner staff than has been in a number of years since we haven’t replaced Mr. Whittle or myself, I thought some smart reorganization of our jobs could result in cost savings and better service to our schools,” Bryan said. “Just as the Alabama Department of Education created PLAN 2020 and then reorganized their offices by the four pillars identified in the plan, I thought it made sense to align our five year strategic plan and our office with the four pillars of PLAN 2020. Plan 2020 will be the framework for accountability anyway, so we may as well think in those terms.  The four pillars of Plan 2020 include Learners, Teaching and Leading, Learning Supports, and Systems/Operations. Our offices will have an administrative assistant leading each of those four departments.”

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Tera Simmons will serve as the administrative assistant for student learning. She will oversee curriculum, assessment, special education, career tech and other areas focused on learning.

Joseph West will serve as the administrative assistant for school operations and will oversee areas such as technology, maintenance, transportation and nutrition.

Litta Norris will take on the role of administrative assistant for teaching and leading. She will oversee professional development, evaluation and mentoring.

Rheta McClain will serve as the administrative assistant of learning supports and will handle the federal programs and grant programs.

“In addition to these assignment changes, we have published a list of responsibilities by individual so that all will know who to contact for help with the various areas within departments,” Bryan said. “It is my hope that we work smarter and more in line with the direction of the Alabama Department of Education, save money in staffing, and, most importantly, improve our service to the schools. After all, that’s what our role is — to support the schools and ensure student success.”