Spring cleanup starts Saturday

Published 3:48 pm Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The City of Greenville is hoping residents will join together to help clean up the city.

“Don’t Drop It on Alabama” spring clean up week begins Saturday.

People Against a Littered State will provide trash bags to individuals or groups who agree to clean up a neighborhood or stretch of roadway.

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The bags are available at the City of Greenville Horticulture Department, the Butler County Road Department or the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

“We’re hoping to have a lot of people take part,” said Jennifer Stringer, city horticulturist. “If everyone just took a few minutes to clean up the area around their houses, churches or schools, it would make a big difference.”

Stringer said she hopes that the weeklong initiative will create lasting change.

“I’d like to see this be something that last all year,” she said. “I’d hope that we could make Greenville so clean that people would be ashamed to litter, and that if someone saw trash on the ground they’d pick it up.”

County officials have said they will collect the bags and dispose of the trash once groups have finished cleaning.

“Anyone who wants to help can come by and get a trash bag and when they are finished they can just tie it up and leave it on the side of the road and we’ll come around and pick them up,” Sheriff Kenny Harden said.

“We just ask that they tell us what road they are going to clean up so we can make sure and get the bags picked up before someone or a dog tears into them and scatters the trash again.”

Individuals or groups interested in taking part in the clean up can call (334) 382-6521, (334) 437-0924 or (334) 382-3232.