BoE appoints Amy Bryan as interim superintendent

Published 8:04 pm Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Butler County Board of Education appointed Amy Bryan, director of federal programs, as interim superintendent during Tuesday night’s board meeting.

Bryan applied for the position alongside longtime Butler County educator Joseph West.

Bryan said that her past experiences within the board of education would prove invaluable in the months to come.

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“I’ve been able to take baby steps to get myself prepared to handle many, many responsibilities—fiscal responsibilities, instructional leadership, personnel, the property and community relations,” Bryan said.

Because Bryan has no assistant, her old responsibilities must be maintained in addition to her newfound ones as interim superintendent.

As a result, the board unanimously voted to offer Bryan the same salary as Douthitt while the district continues its search for a permanent superintendent.

Bryan also made her interest known in the permanent position, as well.

Despite the appointment, Bryan is still dedicated to her previous responsibilities, particularly those concerning impending grant renewals.

“Some of my grants will be open soon and I’ll have to renew them, and if I’m busy being a superintendent plus 40+ hours a week, that kind of tells you what I’m going to be doing in the after hours because those grants matter to me and I’m not going to let them fall by the wayside,” Bryan said.

“I do believe I have some team members in the central office that will step up and want to help and make sure those things happen so that I don’t do them all on my own.”