County loses standout educators

Published 2:14 pm Monday, December 30, 2013

Dear Editor,


Butler County lost two exceptional educators this year, Mr. Shelby Searcy and Ms. Lillie Pearl Herbert.

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Mr. Searcy served as superintendent for many years and under his leadership education in our county made many great improvements.

He was a good, honest man with outstanding character who understood what  was required to educate children and was willing to take the steps to do so. He inspired many teachers to go above and beyond to reach all their students in a meaningful way.

Ms. Herbert taught for many, many years, and also served as principal at W. O. Parmer.

She was the type of teacher you loved because she was quiet, kind, and fair, but yet she expected you to do your best and she helped every child in her classroom excel at something.

I had the good fortune to team teach with her when I came to W.O. Parmer and she lovingly took me under her wing and shared her great wisdom.

I will always cherish the time we spent sharing the ups and downs of teaching, and life, together.  She was a great lady.

These two wonderful people will be greatly missed, but their legacy lives on in the lives of the many children they influenced.



Betty McQueen

Fort Deposit