Hunt Channel would take ‘Duck Dynasty’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 26, 2013

Local county commissioner and owner of Hunt Channel Merrill Sport is making the national media this week after announcing his channel would welcome “Duck Dynasty” to its lineup, if A&E and the family part ways following controversy with one of the cast members.

The announcement came following A&E’s decision to suspend Phil Roberston after he made negative and graphic comments about homosexuals and their lifestyles.

Sport made headlines over the weekend on Fox News, ESPN, TMZ and more.

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Sport said Monday it would make perfect sense for “Duck Dynasty” to air on his network due to the fact that a lot of his viewers are hunters and Christians, if A&E doesn’t renew the show.

“First, we offer free signal,” he said. “We understand the outdoors. Right now half of the show is script until Si starts singing. With us, we would let the cameras roll. You can get more swamp footage. We wouldn’t try to milk it either and we’d give them back their production and allow them to sell their game calls.”

Sport said Hunt Channel would allow the Robertson clan to have speaking engagements and do things that go more along the lines of their religious beliefs.

“We don’t have to meddle,” he said.

Sport said that hunting shows have been around for more than 20 years.

“Hunting shows are the original reality show,” he said. “We know how to produce that. We can get a lot of funny, good quality video just by keeping the camera rolling.”

Sport said that “A&E needs to put on their big boy pants, and if they don’t like the programming, they need to either let Duck Dynasty go or shut up and pay them.”

Fox News reported that the Robertsons have considered pulling the plug on the popular program, but politicians including Louisiana Go. Bobby Jindal have defended the family calling it an attack on free speech and Christian values.

The network also reported that though Phil may never return to the show, the other members of the family may be contractually bound to A&E.

Last week, the Robertson family issued a statement in which they said they could not imagine the show going forward without their patriarch at the helm, though they have had a successful working relationship with A&E.

The show is the highest-rated show on television with an average of 14 million viewers each week.