Published 12:05 am Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Crenshaw County had its own Christmas Miracle this season – Taylor Hayes, a kindergartner at Highland Home School.

Hayes’ mom, Emily Sorenson, said that Taylor is doing much better following an accident last month where he was involved in an accident with a piece of equipment.

Hayes was originally taken to Baptist South, where doctors didn’t give the family much hope that he was survive.

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“They told us his injuries were significant, but if he stabilized they would take him to Birmingham,” she said.

Sorenson said at that point she knew he had a brain injury and a skull fracture.

“I don’t guess I understood the injuries,” she said recalling the time at Baptist South. “I sat with him, and then they life flighted him to Birmingham.”

Sorenson said the neurosurgeon told the family that Hayes was in a deep coma, that he had no brain activity, he was on life support and there was nothing medically they could do.

Even with a grim outlook coming from doctors Sorenson said she remembers feeling a peace about the situation.

“I knew there was no way this was it,” she said. “Taylor has too big of a personality for that.”

And anyone who knows the Sorenson family, knows they had an army of prayer warriors claiming immediate healing for young Hayes, and God showed up right on time.

“I was having a hard time seeing him like that,” Sorenson recalled. “Dad came out and said Taylor had squeezed his finger. Two hours later, he opened his eyes.”

Sorenson said the neurosurgeon, who just a couple hours before made a call that nothing could be done, said Hayes had made a miraculous comeback.

Sorenson said doctors were able to repair Hayes’ skull fracture and place all the pieces back together.

“It didn’t damage any major blood vessels,” she said. “The focal point (of the injuries) was the motor strip on the right side, which affects the left side.”

Sorenson said one of the best feelings she had was when her son pulled his legs up into a frog position, which is his trademark position.

Hayes currently still uses a feeding tube to eat, but Sorenson hopes he will be able to eat real food after their January trip to Birmingham.

She said he’d have to have a homebound teacher to finish out the school year.

Through it all, Sorenson said she never doubted God’s ability to heal her son.

“It makes me want to get closer to him,” she said. “Now, talking about God isn’t such a withdrawn subject for me.”

Sorenson said she was really excited to show Hayes off at Christmas time.

“I’m usually a withdrawn person, but now I’m just excited. I feel merrier.”