Greenville man arrested for selling pirated movies

Published 1:36 pm Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Greenville man has been arrested after police say he was caught selling pirated movies and CDs.

Archie Demings, 39, was arrested Tuesday and has been charged with the illegal sale and distribution of recordings. The charge is a Class C felony.

Officers with the Greenville Police Department confiscated more than 400 copies of pirated DVDs and CDs worth nearly $5,000 that Demings was selling near McBride’s Chevron.

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According to Lt. Justin Lovvorn, some of the DVDs were full-length movies that have yet to be released.

Lovvorn said this isn’t the first time Demings has been arrested for selling pirated recordings. Demings was arrested three years ago for the same charge.

“We are seeking a more serious punishment on him this time and are in the process of revoking his business license with the City of Greenville,” Lovvorn said. “It is illegal for anyone to sell or profit from any recording, audio or visual, without the legal owners consent. We will investigate and arrest anyone who refuses to comply with the law on this type offense. It hurts local stores and everyone involved with the legal sale of an item when you have people out there like this that are only interested in getting around the system to make a profit for themselves.”

Demings is being held at the Butler County Correctional Facility on a $10,000 bond.