Waste Officials: Residents should bag all garbage

Published 6:16 pm Wednesday, December 11, 2013

County Engineer Benjie Sanders told the commission at its meeting this week, there had been a little trouble with garbage being spread or dropped from Advanced Disposal’s garbage trucks.

Sanders said Solid Waste Officer Robert White had spoken with management at Advanced Disposal who said the company would try an “experiment” to help alleviate the issues.

White offered tips to the community to help cut down on the amount of trash spread.

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“First, residents need to put their trash in real garbage bags,” he said. “Household trash belongs in the garbage bag.”

Additionally, White said that once residents are ready to take their can to the appropriate place for pick-up, there needs to be a three foot clearance and the handle needs to face away from the highway.

“This will help eliminate trash flying everywhere,” he said.

“Trash cans need to be put beside the road the night before.”

White said Advanced Disposal is a total sidearm pick-up on trash for several reasons, namely safety reasons due to dog bites and people getting hit by vehicles.

White reminded everyone that Crenshaw County is a mandatory garbage pick-up county.

“Burning of household trash is not permitted,” he said. “You can’t burn anything out of the kitchen.”

White said those who do not have a can, may call 866-252-0458 to schedule for one to come to your home.

White is coming around and making sure everyone has trash pick-up.

Fines are $250 for the first offense and $500 for the second.

Cost is $51.27 quarterly, he said.

“That’s $4.28 a week,” he said. “That’s the smallest amount you’ll pay on any household bill.”

White said anyone having issues with trash pick-up may contact him at 335-6946.