Butler County Bank changing name

Published 4:14 pm Tuesday, November 19, 2013

William Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Camden National Bank and of Butler County Bank, announced Tuesday that the bank would be taking on a new name for both locations: Community Neighbor Bank.

“It’s important to note that Camden National Bank and the Butler County Bank branch remain under the same ownership and that this is simply a new name for an old friend,” Johnson explained.

“As we prepare to grow our brand in the coming years, taking us into communities in which are not currently competing, we recognized that both banks’ names were geographically confining. It made good sense to change our name now and to begin streamlining our mutual operations as we prepare for the future.”

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Camden National Bank was chartered in May, 1906 with what Johnson termed “a commitment to the principles of true community banking.”

Over the course of the coming century, the bank operated independently and, in 2004, opened its first branch in Greenville, Alabama, creating Butler County Bank.

Currently, it operates facilities at 3 Water Street in Camden and at 281 Greenville Bypass in Greenville.

“No changes will be made to these locations,” Johnson said.

“We want our customers to rest assured that the manner in which they have become accustomed to banking will remain intact. This name change is unlike a traditional bank acquisition where one bank assumes the customers of another. Instead, both Camden National and Butler County Bank will enjoy a new name, but not necessarily a new identity.”

Johnson said that bank officials have been working on the name change and the development of a new logo, as well as regulatory issues associated with the change, for many months.

“Essentially, the only change our customers will see will be the signage that appears at each of our locations and the new logo on their checks and other documents,” Johnson added.

Johnson went on to say the name ‘Community Neighbor Bank’ was chosen because “it reflects the mission, nature and performance of our two banks”.

“We have always operated under the traditions of community banking, where relationships are important and service delivery is second to none,” Johnson said.

“And, we have long been an active corporate citizen in both Camden and Greenville, viewing those we serve as friends and neighbors. When you add it up, ‘Community Neighbor Bank’ was a logical choice.”

In explaining the name choice, Johnson also added that expansion into other markets was not an imminent action.

“Our heart and 100 percent focus remains and will forever be right here at home,” he said.

“But we can not be unprepared to take advantage of whatever opportunities may arise in the future to expand our footprint and to join new markets. This name change helps us prepare for such an eventuality.”

The bank anticipates the name change to formally take place near the end of the year, although Johnson said there was nothing critical about the timeline.