Man arrested for stealing television

Published 3:20 pm Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A 19-year-old man has been taken into custody after allegedly burglarizing a Greenville home and stealing a flat screen television.

According to authorities, Jessie Malisham, of Greenville, broke into a house on Hickory Street and stole the television on Oct. 25.

“Lt. Joey Disney went to the scene and investigated,” Lt. Justin Lovvorn said. “He gathered some evidence at the scene and also question some people in the area that he believed to be potential witnesses, and from that he was able to establish a suspect.”

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Officers then located Malisham two days later and took him in for questioning.

“Lt. Disney questioned him, and presented him with the evidence he had gathered, and he was able to get a confession,” Lovvorn said.

Authorities were also able to recover the television and return it to the victim.

Malisham has been charged with burglary, third degree.