Career coach survives breast cancer, gives God the glory

Published 2:48 pm Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Divine appointment – that’s how Crenshaw County Schools career coach Polly DuBose describes the discovery that she had breast cancer some four years ago.

During the time, her husband Mike, was coaching at Millsaps College.

“Coaches wives don’t normally schedule those types of appointments in the fall,” she said. “I had a stirring. I know God prompted me. It was divine appointment.”

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On Labor Day weekend, and the weekend Millsaps and Missisippi College hit the field, DuBose’s doctor called to let them know the news from the lab report.

What doctors found was a low-grade, non-aggressive form of cancer that had not spread to her lymph nodes.

“Mike was my biggest supporter,” she said.

DuBose said God lined up the best support system for her the weekend she found out about her diagnoses.

Her mother and sister just happened to be in Jackson, Miss., and the DuBoses’ son, Michael was in town.

“I immediately had a support system,” she said.

In the days and months to follow, DuBose would undergo two surgeries.

“Mike was with me for every one,” she said.

Then she underwent 20 sessions of radiation.

“I did radiation,” she said. “It was not that difficult. The hardest part was that the location was close to my heart, so I had to hold my breath for 20-30 seconds,” she said.

DuBose said she leaned on God during this time, and quoted Bible verses or sang the lyrics of a praise song while she waited.

“He’d get me through,” she said.

DuBose said having survived breast cancer gives one a new perspective on life.

“It teacher you how to live your life,” she said. “There is something good about every day. Life is hard no matter what you are facing.”

For women, she offers this advice:

“One, get a mammogram,” she said. “Never miss it, the earlier the better. Early detection is key.

“Second, God is the greatest support. He willl bring other women and family to you. Third, and eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut for yourself.”

Today, DuBose is cancer-free. She still goes for check-ups every six months, but she’s a survivor.

In honor of her survival and breast cancer awareness month, her co-workers at CCPS gave her a gift basket full of goodies.