City passes $11.6M budget

Published 8:45 am Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Greenville City Council approved an $11.6 million budget Monday night for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

The budget represents a $1.3 million decrease from the budget approved by the council for the 2012-13 fiscal year.

“This budget is close to last year’s (budget),” Mayor Dexter McLendon said. “The major difference has to do with the number of grants that were included in last year’s budget.”

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City Clerk Sue Arnold said last year’s budget included a grant application for nearly $1 million.

“There really aren’t any changes (to the budget),” Arnold said. “The bottom line is lower due to less large grants. For instance, last year had almost a million dollars showing up due to an application for a ladder truck (for the fire department). We didn’t get it, but you have to allow for the expense, grant revenue and local match in budget so it makes our budget look way bigger if we have one or two of those pending.”

McLendon praised the City’s department heads for their work on the budget.
“This is a good budget, and I appreciate all the hard work Sue and her officer put into getting it finished, and the work our department heads did in preparing their budgets.”
A complete copy of the city’s budget is available to the City Clerk’s office.


Budget Breakdown

Mayor’s Office                                                           $157,285

City Inspector’s Office                                             $253, 296

Clerk’s Office                                                            $396,994

Fire Department                                                      $1,378,035

Police Department                                                  $2,867,966

Recreation Department                                         $499,375

Adult Nutrition                                                        $99,157

Senior Services                                                       $13,325

Greenville-Butler County Public Library         $146,407

Street Department                                                  $1,033,819

Sanitation Department                                        $751,759

Buildings/Grounds                                                $200,413

Horticulture Department                                      $449,453

Mac Crenshaw Memorial Airport                      $40,750

Sherling Lake                                                           $186,787

Ritz Theatre                                                              $17,175