Thompson wins Rotary Club raffle

Published 4:50 pm Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dr. Jean Thompson came up aces on Thursday.

Thompson drew the ace of spades to win the Rotary Club of Greenville’s raffle, which is a fund-raising project of the club that also provides a prize to the winner.

Raffle proceeds are dedicated to local community service projects or contributions to local organizations.

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The drawing is held each Thursday at the club’s meeting. The person holding the winning ticket has the opportunity to draw a card from a deck of playing cards. The person drawing the ace of spades wins half of the entire pot existing at that time, with the remaining half going to the club.

After each card is drawn from the deck, it is discarded, thus increasing the odds of drawing the ace of spades in a future drawing. After the ace of spades is drawn, the process starts over with a new deck of cards and a new pot, which continues growing until the next time the ace of spades is drawn.

Thompson is just the third winner of the club’s raffle. She won $396.71.

“Dr. Thompson deserved to win,” said immediate past president Charles Haigler. “She supports our club in everything we do.”

Thompson was the club’s first female president and is a three-time Paul Harris Fellow. A Paul Harris Fellow is an individual who meets high professional and personal standards set forth by Paul Harris, founder of Rotary.