Brothers’ hobby gives back to local schools

Published 8:38 am Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Two young enterprising brothers are using their hobby to give back to the local schools. Will and Carter Blackmon, ages 13 and 10, love football.  They come by it naturally.  Their dad, Kris Blackmon, played football for Brantley and Mom, Jennifer Sipper Blackmon, was an athlete at Luverne.  Though the family now lives in Auburn, the boys have followed their parent’s schools and attended many games on visits.

Another interest the brothers have is collecting miniature SEC football helmets.  Each Christmas, they have added a team to their collection.  After attending the Brantley High School championship game last year, Carter told his parents that instead of a SEC helmet for Christmas, he wanted a Brantley High School championship helmet.  This was no small request, but Kris helped his son begin making contacts, pulling together the necessary components and the first Brantley High School championship commemorative helmet was created.  When Carter got it for Christmas, Will decided that, if they loved it so much, other BHS fans would love it, too.

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So Will and Carter’s helmet venture took off.  Will decided that they should support Dad’s school by giving a portion of the profits from each helmet back to the athletic program.  Once Bulldog fans began to get their helmets, Tigers, Cougars and Flying Squadron fans asked if they were going to make one for their team.

The boys order the helmets, facemasks and logos and put them together themselves.  “The boys are having fun with this project and they are learning a lot of good life lessons,” Kris Blackmon said. “We talk about unit costs and production costs, expenses, and managing inventory. Also, they know it is important to try and give back to each school. The boys have made contributions to Brantley and Luverne schools.”

The Chicken Shack liked them enough to collect the whole set of local schools and Goshen.  You can see them displayed at the register.  If you are interested in a Brantley, Luverne, or Highland Home helmet email Will at These busy boys balance their hobby with school, football practice, and church youth group.