Garden club selling Christmas wreaths

Published 2:44 pm Friday, September 27, 2013

Though Christmas is a full three months away, one Camellia City organization is gearing up early.

The Sasanqua Garden Club is now offering Greenville residents the opportunity to purchase Christmas wreaths and garlands for the impending holiday season.

The idea developed from the Sasanqua Garden Club’s blooming relationship with a business in North Carolina that produces the greenery, and Greenville residents have become the annual beneficiaries ever since.

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“I love Montgomery’s curb market at Christmas time better than anything,” said Sasanqua Garden Club project chairman Angela James. “However, our wreaths are less expensive and even more beautiful, and that’s saying a lot.”

But the organization’s desire to revamp the Camellia City extends far beyond the front doors of various homes.

The club has taken on numerous beautification projects around the city, including the welcome sign in front of the Interstate 65 exit.

The fruits of the Sasanqua Garden Club’s labors are numerous indeed, including the annual planting of tulips around the sign at City Hall as well as the four park benches, the roses planted alongside the length of the interstate, the jasmines by the water tower and the confederate marker in Confederate Park.

Most of the projects were only made possible by the collaboration between the club and city horticulturist Jennifer Stringer.

In addition, the money raised from selling the wreaths and garlands goes toward the city beautification fund.

“What we do with the money that we raise is we put it back into the community — every bit of it,” James said. “We do a lot giving back to the community because it makes such a difference. Most of us are there because we have seen what our garden club can do for the city.”

A variety of greenery is on sale, including a 24-inch fir wreath for $22 and a 24-inch boxwood or boxwood/fir mix for $23.50.

Additionally, a 30-inch fir can be purchased for $25, and 25 feet of garland is available for $22.

Those interested in purchasing greenery from the Sasanqua Garden Club are asked to contact president April Lawrence by Oct. 8 at either (334) 301-8460 or (334) 382-2647.

The wreaths and garlands are scheduled to arrive during the first week of December.

“It makes our club proud to see what can happen if we all come together as a community,” James said.