Roby: I’m carefully weighing Syria decision

Published 1:10 pm Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rep. Martha Roby said this morning that she is carefully weighing the decision before Congress on Syria.

President Obama on Saturday said that he would not attack Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons until Congress has a chance to vote on the use of military force.

Roby and lawmakers return to session next week.

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“I want to see all the relevant information from our military and intelligence sources, and also listen to the views and concerns of those I represent here in Alabama,” Roby said in a release. “A vote to authorize the use of military force is a solemn duty, and one I take very seriously. Right now it looks like a vote will take place next week after I will have returned to Washington and been able to take part in more detailed classified briefings. I think that will allow me to make the most informed decision possible.”

Roby said while it does not appear necessary at this time, she is prepared to halt her district town hall meetings to reconvene in Washington for those meetings, if it becomes necessary.

“This is a serious decision that will likely have implications far beyond Syria,” she said. “No one is even talking about the fact that Sept. 11 is right around the corner. Remember that it was just a year ago that we were caught unprepared in a terrorist attack in this very dangerous part of the world.”

Roby said that in the past six months, the subcommittee on oversight and investigations has been focused on getting to the bottom of the military’s preparedness leading up to the Benghazi attack, and asking what changes have been made to ensure such an attack will never happen again.

“Now, here we are a week away from 9-11 and the stakes couldn’t be much higher for our next move in the Middle East,’ she said. “Before the United States gets involved militarily in this situation, I want to hear a clear plan from our commander-in-chief for what happens next. What’s the end game, and how will our military involvement help get us there?”