Alabama Power takes new steps to stop persistent scam

Published 2:17 pm Friday, August 23, 2013

An effective scam continues to affect Alabama Power customers, and the company is take additional steps to foil scammers.

For months, people pretending to be from Alabama Power have approached customers. The customers are called and told they have a short deadline to make a payment.

The scammer directs customers to a local retailer to purchase a money pack (reloadable debit card) for the given amount. They are then instructed to call another number to share the account number of that prepaid card.

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In some cases, they get an answering machine that says, “This is Alabama Power,” prompting the customer to leave the information on a recording.

This particular fraud has focused on Alabama Power commercial customers, who would be more likely to have a larger bill.

In response to this ongoing fraud, Alabama Power is expanding steps to warn customers about the scam. To that effect, commercial and industrial customers will be getting a call from Alabama Power, with a brief message describing the fraud and how to avoid it.

Additionally, when commercial customers call Alabama Power’s service center, they will hear a short recording with similar information, which will also be included in billing statements.

Alabama Power urges customers to remember a few key facts to avoid being scammed.

First they stressed their company will never come to the door and demand an immediate payment. They also noted they will never ask for customers’ bank information or a credit card number over the phone.

According to Alabama Power representatives, any Alabama Power employee who comes to the door for any reason will have company identification that he or she will gladly show. If there are any questions about whether a person actually works for Alabama Power, call Alabama Power at 1-800-245-2244 and do not let him or her inside the home.

Scammers often claim they represent a public agency or government office offering grants that can pay an Alabama Power or other utility bill. Never provide anyone making this claim credit card information, Alabama Power Company bill information or account number, or any personal banking information. If someone makes this claim, call Alabama Power or the local police department to report it.

If customers have any questions about the status of their Alabama Power account, call Alabama Power Customer Service day or night, seven days a week, at 1-800-245-2244.