McKenzie raising funds for mower

Published 2:25 pm Tuesday, August 20, 2013

McKenzie School is raising money in a uniquely practical way.

The school’s latest fundraiser aims to provide something everyone needs.

Students will be selling toilet paper and paper towels to families and businesses in the area.

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“We’re selling Heavenly Soft products at prices you can’t beat at the grocery store,” said Judy Smith, who is serving as coordinator of the fundraiser. Starting at about 29 cents per roll for toilet paper and $1 per roll for paper towels, we’re truly offering a great value on top of being able to raise money for a good cause.”

The money raised from the fundraiser will be used to purchase a commercial grade lawn mower. The school is currently using a mower that is 16 years old.

“We have to have a commercial grade mower and those cost from $5,000 to $7,000,” said principal Mike Gunter. “Our small school doesn’t have many ways to raise money for things to keep the school looking like we want it to and the way our community expects things to look at the school. This is a way for us to get help and our supporters are getting something for the money they spend.”

Florida-based PaperFunds is helping McKenzie organize the fundraiser. The school’s Paper Drive, as it’s being called, will end Sept. 23.

The products will be delivered Oct. 17.

For more information or to place an order, contact Smith at (334) 374-2711.