Local man charged with sodomy

Published 3:59 pm Friday, July 12, 2013

A Butler County man has been arrested after authorities discovered he was having an improper relationship with a minor.

Jordan Bedgood, 22, was arrested on July 3 and charged with facilitating the travel of a child for an unlawful sex act, sodomy, second degree, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

“During a routine patrol around 3 a.m. on June 27 an officer noticed a car parked at Beeland Park,” Lt. Justin Lovvorn said. “Because of the time, he felt like it was suspicious and stopped to check on it. He found two occupants in the vehicle, one being a 22-year-old male and the other being a 14-year-old juvenile. He didn’t witness anything, but he logged them being in the area because it seemed suspicious and had the mother come pick up the child.”

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Authorities questioned the juvenile the following day.

“We learned that some inappropriate things had taken place given the age of the child,” said Lovvorn. “He hadn’t kidnapped the child or anything like that, but because of the age of the juvenile, he’s facing some pretty serious charges.”