Authorities make arrests in burglaries of Easy Street Furniture, The Tire Store

Published 4:00 pm Friday, July 12, 2013

A 17-year-old Greenville man has been arrested in connection with the burglary of Easy Street Furniture.

The Greenville Police Department arrested and charged Quinten Little for breaking into the furniture store and stealing a television.

“He threw a piece of concrete through the door and walked in and took a television,” Lt. Justin Lovvorn said. “After we were able to develop him as a suspect we brought him in for questioning and Sgt. (Kenneth) Hadley was able to get a confession from him.”

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Little has been charged with burglary, third degree, and theft of property, third degree.

In an unrelated case, the GPD arrested James Banks Jr., 41, for stealing an air conditioning unit from The Tire Store.

A routine traffic stop led to Banks’ arrest, according to Lovvorn.

“He had been pulled over for a traffic violation, and the officer noticed a window unit in the back seat of the car,” Lovvorn said. “He was smart enough to photograph the unit and its serial number and later when we got the call from the store about the break in and the theft of their unit, we were able to put the two together and make an arrest.”

Banks has been charged with burglary, third degree.