Community donations needed for new playground

Published 4:56 pm Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The 50-something-old playground at Luverne’s E.L. Turner Park is a thing of the past, but the public’s help is needed to construction a new, $110,000 playground.

In April, residents expressed interest in obtaining improved playground equipment and the Luverne City Council agreed to apply for a Land and Water Conservation Grant to help fund a portion of the project. The maximum amount would be $50,000.

Additionally, the parks and recreation board agreed to allow for the demolition of the old playground equipment when businesses began to step up to the plate.

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Luverne resident and Kiwanian Travis Colquett has spearheaded the movement, and spoke to the Luverne Rotary Club on Monday.

Colquett said the doors were opening up with local businesses committing to the project, but that parents were asked to donate money toward the playground to make it a community project.

“We want this to be a county effort,” Colquett said. “Pepsi Co. is a supporter of the project. Kiwanis will donate and volunteer.”

On Tuesday, a film crew was in town showing Pepsi Co. national Pepsi of Luverne’s involvement in the process.

Still, local businesses, families and individuals’ donations are needed to help pay for the cost, Colquett said.

The park is utilized heavily during baseball season when all children in the county have an opportunity to play together, and this year some 500 children played sports during baseball and softball season.

Additionally, the previous equipment was not ADA compliant, but the new structure will make it where children with disabilities can safely play.

Colquett said a nice playground has the opportunity to bring in revenue to the town because mothers who bring their children here tend to shop and purchase food.

Anyone interested in making a donation can drop off their money at Luverne City Hall.