Argument between brothers leads to attempted murder charge

Published 1:33 pm Saturday, June 8, 2013

A few inches were the only difference, as an altercation between brothers very nearly ended in tragedy.

Joseph Eddins, 21, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder Friday following an incident at First Street residence in which he fired a single shot at his brother from the other side of a bathroom door.

According to authorities, Eddins verbally threatened to shoot the victim as the argument intensified, at which point the victim warned that he would call the police in such an event.

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As he went to the bathroom, thinking the argument had come to a close, Eddins fired a bullet blindly from the other side of the closed bathroom door, barely missing his brother.

“He knew about where he would be in the bathroom, and fired the bullet,” Lt. Justin Lovvorn said.

“He missed him by about an inch or two, I would say.  The victim said he felt the rush of the air as the bullet went by when he heard the gun go off.”

Eddins made no attempt to leave the residence, as police found him in the front yard as they arrived to the scene.

During that time, other people who were present in the house tended to the victim to ensure that he hadn’t been hurt.

Lovvorn said that the evidence recovered, including the gun, the fired bullet and testimonies received following the altercation, led to the attempted murder charge.

“He definitely showed intent, and that he meant to do harm by where the bullet went,” Lovvorn added.

“That’s why we had to go with attempted murder.  He verbally said he wanted to shoot him, and then went and showed intent that he was trying to kill him.”

No one was harmed at the scene of the crime.