CCSO warns citizens of phone scam

Published 11:10 am Friday, May 31, 2013

The Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Department has received a number of complaints about a phone scam in recent days, and they urge citizens to be aware.

Chief Deputy Jimmy Lecroy said the department received three reports of the scam on Wednesday alone.

“What happens is that people get a phone call saying that their grandson has been put in jail, usually in a distant place like Florida,” Lecroy said. “In order to get their family member out, they’re told they need to send money for bonds or something like that.”

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Lecroy said that the citizens who reported the scam got off the phone with the scammers before sending any money and called their family member who was reportedly in jail to double-check.

He said variations include having the family member “arrested” in Canada, forcing the victim to work with an international bonding agency.

“If anyone gets a phone call like this, they need to get a callback number and the address of where they’re told to send the money, then report it to us,” Lecroy said.

He said no financial or personal information should be given over the phone.

“It’s almost always going to be a Western Union request, and once that money is sent, it’s gone,” Lecroy said.

Anyone needing more information can contact the Sheriff’s Department at 335-6568.