Caver joins YMCA as director

Published 2:50 pm Friday, March 29, 2013

Since its inception, the creed of the YMCA has focused on fostering a healthy body, mind and spirit.

With director Tina Caver at the helm, the Greenville YMCA aims to uphold those values and much more.

Caver comes to the Greenville area from Selma, although she has a passing familiarity with the city due to her time spent here as a child.

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Fast forward a few years and, unsurprisingly, it’s just as wonderful as she remembers it.

“I am just amazed at how friendly and kind the people are here,” Caver said. “I really enjoy living somewhere where you get to know people, and you can go to the grocery store and you actually speak to people. Greenville has been very friendly and just really welcoming to me.”

As director of the Greenville YMCA, Caver’s responsibilities will entail just that — she’s the person who finds answers when there are questions, and she has a wealth of experience to draw upon for the task.

Dexter McLendon, mayor of Greenville and chairman of the YMCA Board of Directors, said that Caver’s presence means a bright future for the Greenville YMCA.

“We’re excited about her being with us and we look forward to getting some good things done,” McLendon said.

“We’ve got a lot to do out at the Y and I’m sure she’s already hit the ground running.  She’s a go-getter, and she’s going to do a good job.

As a previous fitness director, membership director and aerobics teacher for the YMCA of Selma-Dallas County, Caver’s 16 years of experience within the fitness industry has created a passion for helping people improve their lives through their own God-given ability.

But it isn’t a task that she can accomplish alone.

“I view the staff and me as a team and we have to work together,” Caver said.

“I have a vision for what I think this YMCA could offer to the community and it is going to take the community’s support.  I’m excited to create programs, expand our child care and offer the fitness and educational opportunities that our members deserve.”

As an establishment where children of all ages and backgrounds can come together for one common goal, the role that the YMCA plays in the lives of youth is more important than ever before.

And, according to Caver, that common goal — becoming the best person possible through strengthening of the body, mind and spirit — is one that has to be enjoyable.

“Making fitness fun for kids is an absolute priority,” Caver said. “It’s been proven statistically over and over that the earlier you take an interest in your own health, the healthier you will be.”

This involves educating children about what they eat as well as staying active, which is the heart of what the program is all about.

This same goal applies to adult members of the YMCA, who often face their own unique set of challenges.  Although many adults are already dedicated to working out, the true challenge lies in inspiring those that lack that motivation to lead a healthier life.

“The majority of us need it to be fun — we need to have a reason,” Caver said.

“If we can create programs and classes that are fun, where you almost forget that it’s work, you’re going to stick with it.  We’re all very busy as adults, so we’ve got to make sure that we make programs fit the schedules and that we make it enjoyable so that they’ll come again and stick with it for life.”