Survivor treated ‘like a princess’

Published 3:42 pm Friday, January 18, 2013

What began as a simple gesture of kindness evolved into a life-changing experience for one local cancer survivor.

Cindy Edgar, who has faced multiple bouts with cancer and is now in remission, was treated to a “day at the spa” by The New Bella Salon & Spa.

Salon owner Kina Brooks said that simple brainstorming was the catalyst for the idea.

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“We were just thinking about something to do for October’s Breast Cancer Month, since we have several clients that have battled cancer,” Brooks said. “We thought that they deserve a spa day. It started with a massage, handled by Eliza Berry, a manicure and pedicure, courtesy of Cheryl Gates, and I finished with a hair makeover.”

For three weeks in October, the salon took nominations from clients.  After a few days, the selection process sorted itself out.

The contest was promoted via Facebook, but it was mostly handled on a walk-in basis. In a true example of community effort, the staff mentioned the spa day to their clientele and word of mouth carried the process from there.

After they started receiving the same nominations, the workers at the salon started tallying the number of times people nominated the same candidates.

Edgar ended up the one with the most nominations, and was thrilled at the news.

“I (was) pampered all day,” Edgar said.

“The only thing I am missing (was) a tiara and then I would be a princess.  As a cancer survivor, whether it is breast cancer or any kind of cancer you lose little pieces of yourself, and to have someone give that back to you is a wonderful feeling.”

As great as the gift might have proven for Edgar, Brooks conceded that she was equally grateful for the opportunity to help such a deserving individual.

“It just makes us feel wonderful to be able to do this for someone and make their day,” Brooks said.

“She deserves it, after everything she’s been through. She was very humorous and she was so excited, and it just made us happy to be able to give something to someone so well deserving of it.”