BOE passes Superintendent appointment resolution

Published 12:52 pm Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Crenshaw County Board of Education presented a resolution to change the way Superintendents of Education take office during Monday night’s meeting.

Currently, the superintendent is elected by popular vote, which has been the case since 1990, when Crenshaw County changed from having the Board appoint a Superintendent.

The new resolution recommends a return to appointing the Superintendent.

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It was presented by Board president Dr. Charles Tompkins and passed with unanimous approval.

According to information from the Alabama State Department of Education, out of 132 total school systems in the state (67 county systems and 65 city systems), superintendents are appointed in 93 of those systems.

It is unclear whether or not the measure will have to pass through the Alabama Legislature and come before Crenshaw County voters before it takes effect.

“It’s my understanding that it does [have to go through the legislature],” said Rep. Charles Newton, who said that the county changed from appointed to elected by legislation.

“I think since that was done, it would take legislation to go back,” he said. “I’m going to check into it and find out the procedure.”

Newton said he had been in contact with the Board of Education and would respond with information on the proper process.

The full resolution reads as follows:

“Whereas, the Crenshaw County Board of Education has considered the fact that the Superintendent of the Crenshaw County Schools is currently elected; and

“Whereas, the Crenshaw County Board of Education has deemed it to be in the best interest in the Crenshaw County Public School System and the students of the Crenshaw County Public Schools that the Superintendent be appointed by the Board of Education; and

“Whereas, the Crenshaw County Board of Education has, by unanimous consent, adopted this Resolution;

“Now therefore, the Crenshaw County Board of Education does hereby request that Representative Charles Newton and Senator Bryan Taylor take any and all appropriate action to introduce to the Alabama Legislature appropriate legislation to change the Crenshaw County Superintendent of Education from an elected position to a position appointed by the Crenshaw County Board of Education;

“Resolved further, that the Crenshaw County Board of Education does pledge its cooperation and support in furtherance of said legislation;

“Resolved further, that the Crenshaw County Board of Education requests that said legislation be introduced at the next legislative session of the Alabama legislature.

“This resolution was duly adopted by the Crenshaw County Board of Education this 14th day of January, 2013.”