Break barriers of past habits

Published 3:57 pm Friday, August 24, 2012

The story goes that a zoo had a difficult decision to make.

They were offered the gift of a large, beautiful polar bear. The only problem was that there was no existing place to put the bear.

So, the board of directors raised money to build the animal a magnificent habitat.

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In the meantime the bear was put in a small, temporary cage. The space was so small that he could only take three steps, turn around, and walk three steps back.

Because of unforeseen delays, the construction of the new bear exhibit took three years, but when it was finished, it was indeed grand: waterfalls, spaciousness, caves – everything a polar bear could ask for.

The bear entered its new home, looked around, took three steps, turned around, took three steps back, turned around . . .

That bear had become a victim of its former life.

The same thing can happen to believers in Christ.

Rather than living the new life that God has for us, we can choose to continue in the same habits, the same attitudes, the same mindset that we had before we were saved.

Our former life can cage our souls, while Jesus wants to set us free.

Don’t be limited by your past. Live the life Jesus has created for you now.