FDA unveils technology plan

Published 5:05 pm Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fort Dale Academy is getting technical.

Through an eight-year plan and $500,000, the school will be bringing its students into the 21st century with the use of new technology.

Beginning this year, the plan will work toward securing Knook tablets, wireless capabilities, additional desktop and laptop computers and additional Smartboards to help the school’s curriculum on all levels.

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“We have a technology committee as a part of our board and they presented a fairly comprehensive plan,” Brantley said.

To help reach the $500,000 goal, the Fort Dale Deer Hunt Committee has agreed to make a long-term commitment of pledged $100,000 over the eight-year timeframe.

Each year for the past 14 years, FDA has held a deer hunt that draws hunters from around the country to hunt on land donated by FDA supporters. The money raised from the two-day event goes to support athletic and academic programs at Fort Dale Academy.

Fort Dale is always working to take the first step into working with technology to teach students, Brantley said.

“I think eventually all schools will go to iPads and do away with textbooks as we know them now,” Brantley said. “This is just a step in that direction.”

As for its first year, the school hopes to implement Knook tablets for the fifth-grade classes and hopefully upgrade some computer equipment.

Even with the new technology, Brantley wanted to emphasize that the technology is only there to enhance the learning experience and not totally replace the basics.

“Nothing takes the place of good classroom teachers,” Brantley said. “This is just a tool to enhance that teacher’s capability and it’s not in anyway to insinuate that we’re thinking that the teacher is less important.”