All-knowing power brings love

Published 4:03 pm Friday, August 10, 2012

By Herbert Brown

If you were to travel to the northern coastal regions, you might see the guillemot, a small sea bird that lives on the rocky arctic cliffs.

There, thousands of guillemots will flock together in comparatively small areas.

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Because they live in crowded conditions, hundreds of their females lay pear-shaped eggs side by side on a narrow ledge, in a long row.

To human eyes, the eggs all look exactly alike.

The incredible thing, though, is that a mother guillemot can always identify which eggs belong to her. Scientific studies show that she knows her own eggs so well that when even one is moved, she will find it and return it to its original location. In an even more incredible way, God is intimately acquainted with each of His children.

Because God is omniscient, there is absolutely nothing about your life that He does not know perfectly.

Today, we can rejoice in the truth that God knows everything about us, including all our thoughts and emotions.

He is well-aware of each decision we must make and every problem we are facing.

He knows your name, your address, your telephone number, what you ate for breakfast this morning, and what you’re most worried about right now.

And, greater still, the One who knows you perfectly loves you fully, with all the compassion of His holy heart.