Downtown businesses need you

Published 9:16 am Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Greenville’s downtown isn’t what it used to be.

Streets that were once bustling with activity are now lined with empty storefronts. Buildings that once housed thriving businesses are slowly rotting down. Just more than a year ago, the City of Greenville was forced to demolish the Petty Building, which was once home to an busy appliance shop, because the historic building had fallen into such disrepair that it was a hazard to the public.

Greenville is not alone.

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From coast to coast, downtowns are no longer the centers of daily commerce they used to be.

Many retailers are choosing to locate their businesses in shopping centers such as the ones located on the Greenville Bypass or near Exit 130.

But there is still life in downtown Greenville.

New businesses are opening, while others have relocated downtown.

In recent weeks, the Hair Parlor and Chip & Ms. Jean’s Gold Buyers & Treasures have moved downtown.

Barb Ausderau also chose to locate her new business, Essentials Liquidation Warehouse, on Commerce Street because she believes the City of Greenville needs a thriving downtown.

We agree.

But businesses moving into buildings along Commerce Street alone won’t create a thriving downtown.

A strong downtown needs customers.

It’s not enough to walk down the sidewalk on Commerce Street and admire the businesses’ goods from the window. We have to support these local businesses with our dollars.

We encourage all of our residents to frequent these downtown businesses. While you’re there pick something up.

Our downtown businesses have a lot to offer and if we want to see it stay that way, we need to do our part.