Police warn of scammers

Published 4:27 pm Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Greenville Police Department is on the lookout for several scams artists that have been hitting the Greenville area lately.

According to Lt. Justin Lovvorn, the door-to-door sales are increasing and becoming a problem in the community.

“The police department has received several complaints over the last few months involving door-to-door salesmen,” Lovvorn said. “A salesperson will go to a residence and knock on the door. When the homeowner opens the door, the salesman will offer a free gift in exchange to demonstrate their product.”

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The salesman will ask to come into the residence and sell the product.

Lovvorn said that most popular item has been vacuum cleaners.

“It is a violation of the City of Greenville’s municipal ordinance to sell anything door-to-door without being invited by the homeowner prior to arriving at the residence,” Lovvorn said. “The business must also first obtain a business license with the City of Greenville before attempting to sell anything within the city limits.”

Lovvorn encourages anyone who might come across one of the door-to-door salesmen, to call the GPD immediately.

“The police department would like everyone to know if someone comes to your residence unannounced to sell an item, attempt to get a description of the individual and the vehicle they’re in and call the police department,” Lovvorn said. “We will take appropriate action on these individuals to ensure this does not continue.”