Sears named premier dealer

Published 4:43 pm Friday, August 3, 2012

For years, the motto for Greenville’s local Sears has been “just say yes,” and it seems that customers have been doing just that.

Greenville’s Sears Hometown Store was recently recognized as a 2012 national premier dealer, making the store one of only 334 locations throughout the United States to achieve such recognition.

The award recognizes Sears stores across the nation that consistently offer the highest levels of customer service, outstanding score performance and standards.

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Co-owner Lisa Mullen, who runs the store alongside her husband, Gerald, said that it was an honor to be recognized as a premier dealer.

However, she was also happy that customers get to reap the benefits, as well.

Only 33 percent of Sears stores receive this award, and each one that does is given the chance to participate in special events.

“It gives us an opportunity to offer special discounts to our customers and special sale days,” Mullen said.

One of those rewards and a large contributor to the store’s success with customers, according to Mullen, is called the “Shop Your Way” rewards program.

“By people signing up for that program, it was the one thing that put us over the top each quarter,” Mullen said. “Not only are you getting value products and good service, but you’re making money every time you spend that’s redeemable at any time.”

Providing discounts to customers creates the initial incentive to shop, and those positive customer experiences in turn provide opportunities for future discounts.

It’s an endless cycle of profit for the owners and the customers.

And, according to Mullen, it’s those same customers that made it possible for the Greenville Sears store to receive this honor in the first place.

Mullen said that the Greenville community played an instrumental role in the store’s success.

“Without our customers, we never would have made it,” Mullen said. “This means that people are shopping with us and are satisfied, not only with the products, but also with our service.”

Service is a priority for the Mullens, but so is consistency.

Becoming a premier dealer isn’t a one-time thing for them—it is a continuous challenge to maintain a higher standard.

The store was received recognition last year, and has met the necessary qualifications every quarter since.

“You have to achieve the goals set for you every quarter in order to stay a premier dealer,” Mullen said. “You have to continue to strive for customer satisfaction, loyalty and positive feedback.”