Qualifying still open for elections

Published 9:27 am Thursday, July 12, 2012

Municipal elections are set for towns around Crenshaw County in August, and qualifying for those elections are open until July 17.

To qualify for any of these races, please contact the municipality’s town clerk to pay the appropriate fee and file the paperwork.

As of Wednesday, July 11, the following people had qualified in the upcoming election:

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Mayor: Joe Rex Sport and Roy Johnston

District 1: Charlie Johnson

District 2: Kip Smith

District 3: Wanda Williams

District 4: Randall Parker

District 5: Pat Walker



Mayor: Bernie Sullivan

District 1: Lorey Bogen



Mayor: Joe Dexter Flynn

At large council seats: Beth Rogers, Dany Garner, Eddie Stroud, Chris Hilburn and Geraldine Franklin



Mayor: Karen Davis and Jan Cook

District 1: Cynthia Doss

District 2: Roger Moody, Carlos “Buddy” Dean, Bobby Sims and Linda Hutto

Neither Glenwood nor Petrey have had anyone qualify for the upcoming elections yet, though Petrey officials did say that all incumbents have requested the qualification paperwork.