Debby unlikely to impact county

Published 4:30 pm Tuesday, June 26, 2012

As Tropical Storm Debby moves slowly through the Gulf, Greenville may be facing less severe weather than originally forecasted.

“Right now they have us on halt,” said Shirley Sandy, director of the Butler County Emergency Management Agency. “They have it going east. (The National Weather Service in Mobile) thinks we’re going to be OK.”

For the next 48 hours, Debby is expected to move along the northeastern Gulf of Mexico producing strong currents, heavy rain and strong winds, according to the National Weather Service in Mobile.

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“We will probably get some rain and some light winds but nothing severe,” Sandy said. “It’s all changed. There’s still a lot of uncertainly so they’re not able to give us exact details.”

While the county is expected to escape the brunt of the storm, officials are still urging residents to be prepared should the storm shift course.

The NWS offers the following tips for tropical storm preparedness:

* Close windows, doors and hurricane shutters. If you do not have hurricane shutters, close and board up all windows and doors with plywood.

* Turn the refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting and keep them closed as much as possible so that food will last longer if the power goes out.

* Turn off propane tanks and unplug small appliances.

* Fill your car’s gas tank.

* Talk with members of your household and create an evacuation plan.

* Planning and practicing your evacuation plan minimizes confusion and fear during the event.