Reader questions how tax dollars are spent

Published 4:23 pm Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear Editor,

I don’t know if anyone else is interested in how their tax dollars are being spent, but I am. There is a program called Feeding Greenville, or something like that, that is feeding the summer school kids, and others, at the high school. Let me be clear on this, it is in no way connected to the high school, but it is using the facilities, and it is feeding the summer school kids. Anyway, they say they are required to throw away any uneaten sacked lunches, never touched by anyone, and all the milk that was not drunk.

Up until today, I was able to take the milk that kids were throwing away, and I was able to find some deserving people who needed milk for their families. After all, milk is expensive. Today, I was told that I could no longer take the milk and it had to be thrown away. By the way, I had collected over 20 cartons of milk.

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If I was able to find people who could use the milk, and I’m not even from this area, surely the people who run this program could find a way to really feed Greenville and get this milk and food to people in the community who need it.

Now, from what I was told, they are required to throw it away. Well, how is it that restaurants in some parts of the country are able to maintain good health department standing and still get food that was not eaten to homeless shelters? Surely, if they really wanted to, a way could be found to feed deserving citizens of Greenville and not throw my tax dollars away.

MaLinda Luker