Exchange students speak to Lions

Published 9:16 am Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Exchange students Emese Ceke and Aygul Mingaleyeva spoke to the Greenville Lions Club on Monday. Pictured from left to right are Herbert Morton, Ceke, Mingaleyeva and Tom Crenshaw. (Advocate Staff/Tracy Salter)

Members of the Greenville Lions Club got a chance to meet with exchange students from Russia and Serbia on Monday. Aygul Mingaleyeva and Emese Ceke, students at Greenville High School, shared about their experiences in America, and their plans for when they return home.

Mingaleyeva and Ceke  said they have enjoyed their time in the States.

“This has been a great experience,” Mingaleyeva said. “My host parents have been so nice. I don’t really want to leave.”

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Ceke said she is going to miss American culture.

“The food is really good here,” she said.  “The entertainment here is much more than it is in my country.  Leaving is going to be bittersweet.  I will miss my host family and new friends, but I am excited to get home and tell my family and friends about my experience in America.”