Greenville woman collects paintings from far and near

Published 3:27 pm Tuesday, May 8, 2012

There is not one inch of wall in Joy Casey’s home that is not covered with an oil painting, hand-painted plate or family portrait.

From the laundry room to the bathroom in the basement, Casey’s home is a personal museum full of seascape and country settings.

“It’s a wonderful feeling,” Casey said. “It’s a thrill to know that an artist could see, paint and mix those colors to bring those colors in a vibrant panting like that. It’s just breathtaking to be able to see a gorgeous painting and just know how much work was involved and the different layers of paint.”

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For approximately 40 years, Casey has collected more than 70 works of art from all over the world.

“As I went on the trips, if I saw something that I liked, I would buy it,” Casey said. “I love to go to museums, and I love to go tour homes.”

Some local artist’s works she collects include Gladys Seacy and Bo Cseh who are both local Alabamians.

When Casey walks into a store and sees a painting that she knows she loves, she just has to have it she said. She experienced this when she purchased what she calls “The Jesus Painting.”

“I knew immediately when I saw it that I had to have it for my staircase,” Casey said. “(When I had the house painted) I had them paint around the picture of Jesus and go as far in because it took three men to hang that painting.”

Casey goes as far as redecorating rooms to make the painting fit within what she already owns, including repainting if necessary.

The love of art started for Casey while she was living in Camden.

“I used to live in Camden and thoroughly enjoyed the homes over there,” Casey said. “We have beautiful homes here but there are some beautiful homes in Camden. There I began to collect.”

By sticking to the more traditional paintings that portray still life, Casey said she hoped to bring a sense of peace to her home.

“I just look at it and I keep looking at it,” Casey said. “I thought it was beautiful and how peaceful. How this artist was able to capture all of these different things.”

With paintings spread throughout her home, Casey has finally come to the point of running out of space and has started replacing some of the paintings she originally purchased.

“I don’t have anywhere to put anymore paintings,” Casey said.

“But it is a wonderful feeling and we take so much of that for granted. So many people aren’t able to see the beautiful paintings and beautiful colors. When I go in a room or store, I will see a painting and something I like and know I love it.”