Former Advocate owner passes away at 84

Published 4:21 pm Friday, May 4, 2012

Former owner of The Greenville Advocate Marianne Stanley Hardin passed away Thursday. She was 84.

Hardin was the wife of William Eugene Hardin, Jr., who served as editor of the Advocate from 1967-1994.

Former Advocate employee Susan Rhodes had fond memories of Hardin.

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“She was a sweet, kind and gentle lady,” Rhodes said. “She loved her family and friends and was always positive. She was active in the community and her church for so many years and she will certainly be missed. ”

Mayor Dexter McLendon said Hardin’s death was a tremendous loss for the City of Greenville.

“She was a big part of Greenville, and she will be missed,” he said. “She was a fine, fine lady.”

Hardin was active in the Butler County United Fund, The March of Dimes and  Welcome Wagon of Greenville.

Allen Stephenson served with  Hardin in the Butler County United Fund and worked for the Hardins at the Advocate.

“She was an essential part of the United Fund,” Stephenson said. “She was always a trustworthy person who took responsibility for everything she did.

“The Hardins were kind enough to hire me and Mrs. Hardin was a major part of my growing up. She was a wonderful person and I loved her.”

The full obituary can be read here.