Luverne to apply for sewer grant

Published 1:06 pm Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Luverne City Council approved an application for a $350,000 grant that will allow for renovations to sewer system around the county.

Susan Monroe, a representative with the Community Development Block Grant program, was on hand to discuss the application with the council.

She said that a preliminary plan the city commissioned has made the application “very easy.”

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“I want to commend you on the sewer and water plan that [city engineer] Morris [Tate] has in his office,” Monroe said. “That was the best investment this council has ever made in your future. It identified where the problems are, where the sewer and water lines are, and it made putting this project together very easy.”

The plan calls for improvements on Sixth Street, Spivey Street, Clements Street, Hawkins Street, Lee Street and Ninth Street.

Monroe said the application will be submitted by May 15.

The grant would require $77,000 in matching funds, and Mayor Joe Rex Sport pointed out that those funds would come from the Water Board, not the City of Luverne.

“We’re getting around to having a lot of sewage and water lines upgraded around the city,” he said.

The grant also includes funds for resurfacing the roads where the water and sewage lines are located after work is done.