GPD looking for suspect in recent robbery

Published 4:09 pm Friday, April 13, 2012

The Greenville Police Department, in conjunction with the United State Marshals, is continuing its search for a suspect involved in the recent robbery of Burke’s Outlet.

Authorities are looking for Camilla Provitt, 34, after she and four others robbed Burke’s Outlet on March 14 at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Donna Fortson, 24, Erica Cunningham, 23, and Nicole Whiteeagle, 17 have been charged with first-degree robbery. A 13-year-old juvenile has also been charged with first-degree robbery and second-degree theft. The group stole approximately $500 worth of merchandise from the store.

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“The original offense was occurred one evening while there were two employees working at Burkes, and they had a group of individuals enter the store and as they were going through the store, (the employees) noticed they were taking items off the wall and pieces of clothing,” Lt. Justin Lovvorn said. “They looked like the they were concealing them and the store manager working at the time called the police.”

When the officer arrived, the individuals left the store, leaving a suitcase full of items in the process.

“All of them left, but they left all the items in the store,” Lovvorn said. “The officer located a suitcase they had taken from inside the store and it looked like it they were going to walk out of the store with it.”

After the officer left the store, three of the original individuals returned carrying pepper spray.

“One of the three had a can of mace and she (sprayed) the two employees while another grabbed the suitcase and put the clothes back in,” Lovvorn said. “The girl grabbed the suitcase and took off out the door with it.”

Lovvorn said the reason the individuals came back was to retrieve a purse they had left behind that contained identifying paperwork.

“The clerk had taken it out and even though they got the suitcase, they forgot the purse,” Lovvorn said. “In the purse was a check stub and we tracked it through a housing authority and finally got an name.”

Lovvorn was able to arrest the four after identifying them on a Greenville Walmart video when one of them tried to return items that they had previously stolen from a Walmart in Prattville.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Provitt can call the GPD at (334) 382-7461.