Program gives tips for healthy communication

Published 3:42 pm Friday, April 6, 2012

Students at Greenville High School will be learning a little more about communication.

Just the Facts, a program sponsored by Healthy You, will be coming to Greenville High School’s health classes to teach 10th and 11th graders how to properly communicate and form healthy relationships.

Kathy Smyth, executive director of Safe Harbor will be teaching the class for the next two weeks starting on Monday.

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“We will be conducting a program called ‘Prepare, Enrich and Inspire for Teens,’ which is a nine-session program that relates to communications, skills and knowing more about yourself – the bottom line of healthy communication and healthy relationships.”

Smyth said this program is not just to teach students how to build relationships between each other but also between authority figures, parents, siblings and coworkers.

“Each student will get a journal which outlines each session, and their entries will be their own,” Smyth said. “It’s not just a lecture series. We’re hoping to give them tools that they can utilize in all aspects of their life.”

Healthy You originally came to the area looking for a way to expand its program.

“The Healthy You organization was looking to expand its territory and they were looking for an agency that covered multiple counties that was child related and that was already providing services to children,” Smyth said. “They contacted us and asked us to be a part of their grant, which was a huge blessing for us that we were able to provide additional services in our school system and communities.”

Smyth hopes to eventually expand the program to go to all of the schools in the county – public and private.

“We will be serving Butler, Crenshaw and Covington Counties,” Smyth said. “The programs have already begun in Crenshaw.”

With the clients and cases that pass through Safe Harbor, Smyth said this is just an important way to teach the ways of communication at an early age.

“The cases in the clients that we see at Safe Harbor so many times come about due to a lack of communication,” Smyth said. “We see more and more clients coming in and they can’t hold a conversation and they’re having difficulty with the barometer of what their values are so they’re involved in difficult relationships and they don’t know how to overcome those relationships.”

The program also has a series for adults that Smyth hopes to implement in the area at no cost for participants.

“We do have a series for adults that we’re looking at to implement with other area agencies as well,” Smyth said.

“So if there is a church that’s interested coming through for youth or adults, they can contact us for further information.”

For more information contact Smyth at (334) 382-8584.