Sheriff warns of common spring scams

Published 3:53 pm Tuesday, April 3, 2012

With spring comes the blooming of flowers, but according to Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden, so does the looming scam just around the corner.

Harden said this is the time of year that people, typically from out of state, will go door to door asking to repave driveways and repaint rooftops.

“They’ll either want to paint your roof on your barn or your house for a small amount of money but what they put on doesn’t last,” Harden said. “They’ll come through and want to do your driveways where they put asphalt or Crusher Run down because they said they had some left over on the job and they can put it down for a little bit of money. However, when they get through, they try to get more money out of you.”

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Harden said last year, a woman was having her driveway done for $300 but when the workers were through, it was going to cost her $3,000.

“The lady did call us, and we were able to prevent her from losing that money,” Harden said.

According to Harden, many times these companies prey on the elderly.

“All I’m asking is that if they come around to your house, notify us before you go and agree to let them do it,” Harden said. “Let’s make sure they are a legit business and that they have a license and a reputation. If you don’t know them, send them on their way.”

For those who think the deal is too good to pass up, call the Sheriff’s Office to have it check out the company.

“If you let us check them out, most of the time they’ll be ready to leave, because they’re not licensed,” Harden said. “Ask if they have a local business license and ask to look at it because if they have a local business license then we have their information up here in the courthouse in the judge’s office.”