Three arrested for illegal alcohol sales

Published 3:04 pm Friday, March 16, 2012

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office arrested three individuals at a pair of locations on Hwy. 31 on Wednesday for selling alcohol on Sunday and without a license.

Earline Kelsoe, 83, and Donald Heartsill, 66, were both arrested for selling alcohol without a license and selling alcohol on Sunday.

“We have been getting information for a long time that they were selling alcohol on Sunday from their house,” Sheriff Kenny Harden said.

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Lt. Thomas Price, with the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, came down with his team to help make the arrests.

Anthony Crenshaw, 33, was also arrested for selling alcohol without a license and selling alcohol on Sunday.

“It’s an illegal drinking establishment that you can see back here behind the place and they don’t have a license to abide by rules and regulations,” Price said. “They’re not monitoring people’s drinking habits or different things like that, so you have people leaving to a major highway that could go out there and hurt your family or my family or the public. That’s one of the things that we have to alleviate.”

Deputies were responding to fight calls each Sunday night at the second location, according to Harden.

“Each time they came in, there has been a large crowd of people here that are sitting around and drinking,” Harden said. “I contacted Lt. Price and called the Beverage Control Board to set up a meeting. He brought in an undercover officer this past weekend on Sunday and made buys.”

Harden said officers are trying hard to catch individuals selling alcohol illegally.

“We’re trying to prevent something bad from happening with establishments like this that are selling on Sunday and getting a crowd of people,” Harden said. “Then we have fights break out and we’re trying to prevent anything like that.”