Humane Society talks fundraisers

Published 3:06 pm Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Butler County Humane Society talked dollars at its February meeting deciding the details on fundraisers coming up.

A new fundraiser the club will be undertaking is selling Boston Butts. The organization has purchased 12 cases, or about 100 Boston Butts to sell to the community at $30 each.

Vice President Kandys Killough asked members to dedicate selling at least 10 tickets each. There will be no charge to have the Boston Butt cooked.

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The next fundraiser discussed was the annual Dog-U-Tante Ball that will be on March 3 at Cambrian Ridge.

“If anyone knows people that can be sponsors to put their names on the banner, the prices run from $100, $250, $500 and more,” Killough said. “If you know someone who has a business, have them get in touch with Meredith.”

Meredith Mann is the treasurer of the group as well as the organizer of the Dog-U-Tante Ball. She can be reached at 334-354-7400 to purchase tickets or find out more information.

Killough said the cost to put the ball on is about $2,600, and she asked members to donate for the silent auction.

The last fundraiser the group is working on is the annual T-shirt for the group.

Kimberly Matthews has worked with Mary Croley to paint a picture of cats as well as dogs to be placed on the T-shirt this year.

“I’m talking to a possible sponsor next week,” Matthews said. “It’s a good possibility that the T-shirt will be paid for and we can lower the price to $15 instead of $20. I’ve ordered 60 dogs and 40 cats. They are just darling.”

If all goes well with the T-shirts, Matthews hopes to purchase the prints and sell them as well for the Humane Society.

“I was thinking if we sell 75 T-shirts, I thought we could print about 30 prints and sell those as well,” Matthews said.

In Other Business:

*The Second Chance Rescue is asking for items to be donated such as puppy, kitten and cat chow, Clorox, collars, dog leashes and 1-inch painters blue tape. The items can be used or new.

*The group has sold made $517.49 from its booth at Hidden Treasures in about two weeks. All proceeds will go toward the Humane Society fund.