Georgiana redraws district lines

Published 3:51 pm Friday, February 10, 2012

Data from the latest census will affect voters in the City of Georgiana come Election Day.

Due to the findings of the latest census, the City will redraw its district lines.

P. Richard Hartley, the city attorney, presented the map of the new lines, and the Georgiana City Council approved the plan at its monthly meeting on Tuesday.

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“We spent some time with our consultant talking about the census of 2010 and the need to redraw the district lines so we come within the one man, one vote requirements of the law,” Hartley said. “We did that.”

Because the City of Georgiana operates under what is known as a single-member district, meaning each of the city’s five districts is represented by one council member, federal law dictates that each district have the same number of voters or be within a 10 percent deviation of each other.

In other business:

*Council member Lisa Lowe brought up how she has heard from several members in her district as well as members closer to town that they would like to see more of a police presence.

“I had heard some complaints that some of the folks in my district and in town would like to see more of a police presence just scooting through every so often,” Lowe said.

Police Chief James Blackmon assured Lowe that she and he constituents would see an increase in patrols.

“We’re working on that,” Blackmon said. “We’re increasing that, because that’s one of the things I want, so you are going to start seeing more of it.”

*The Council approved the resurfacing estimates and will start to fix streets in the area with about $12,000 left for any other streets that will need fixing.

*The Council voted to leave the salaries unchanged for the new-term Council.

*Council members approved the purchase of cold patch to fix potholes in certain areas of the city. The fund for fixing potholes is $3,500.

*The council also accepted a bid for a three-year insurance plan for the city. The three-year plan will save the city about $2,700 over that timeframe.