Grandparents bring many blessings

Published 3:56 pm Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The definition of grandparents is the father or mother of a person’s own father or mother.   The definition is simple, the true meaning, however, is much deeper.

The patience of a grandparent is remarkable.  They will read you the same story 14 times, without hesitation, never reminding you that they’ve already read it to you 14 times.  They will take you to town when you are a filthy mess, wearing mismatched clothes, without making a fuss about your appearance.  They overlook a bedtime curfew, and even the occasional need to bathe or brush your teeth, all for the sake of watching a favorite television show.   Why?  That’s what grandparents do.  In addition to being the center of so much fun, they still manage to attend all of the important events in your life, and pray for your well-being every single day.

I always wondered why it was I could get away with so much more with my grandparents than with my own parents.  As a child, I was convinced it was because they were just much nicer people than my mom and dad.  As an adult, I realize that it’s because after many years of parenting experience, they just managed to not sweat the small stuff.

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I think about my grandmother, and how she’s impacted her grandchildren’s lives through her involvement and support.   I’m sure it wasn’t easy keeping up with all of us energetic grandchildren, especially me.  She’s one amazing woman to have survived, let’s just say, my mischievous childhood.  My grandmother has played a huge role in my life.  She has led by example, never wavering in her faith, love, or commitment to her family.  At 91 years young, she is the centerpiece of my family’s puzzle.   She truly puts the grand in grandmother.

Grandparents form the backbone of a family.  They teach your parents to raise you and you to raise your children.  The chain of love starts with them, lengthening with time, but never breaking.