Holiday sales going well for local businesses

Published 11:21 am Friday, December 23, 2011

As Christmas day falls upon Butler County, store owners and managers are calculating the sales, working the floor and learning how to make progress in years to come.

Walmart store manager James Packer said sales have been wonderful.

“Layaway helped us early on,” Packer said. “We have had a last minute burst from people who haven’t used layaway so our shelves are going great. We’re up over last year.”

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Even for smaller businesses around town, sales have been doing well and places like the new The Sassafras Room experienced it’s first holiday sale.

“It’s been great for us,” co-owner Chad McGriff said. “We’ve had a huge success. We did a grand opening and ribbon cutting and we had a huge Facebook campaign and we hired Facebook models from the high school to try on all the scarves and new products flowing in. It’s been phenomenal for us as a new business.”

As for ordering enough items to fill the store, The Pineapple store manager Katrina Scofield said the store ordered just enough.

“What we did this year worked out great,” Scofield said. “We always have our late night shopping with 20 percent off everything in the store, and that went well for us. We bought the right amount of Christmas merchandise this year so we’re not going to be left with a lot.”

Top selling items vary between stores, but for Walmart, Packer said its top selling items include iPads, iPods, bikes and Power Wheels.

“The top selling toy is a version of the iPad, which is a Leap Pad,” Packer said. “We can’t even keep it in the store.”

As for The Sassafras Room and The Pineapple, each manager and co-owner said its top selling items included scarves, insulated cups with straws and monogrammed jewelry.

“Infinity scarves about sold out every time we got them in,” McGriff said. “That’s the hottest item of the season in our gift shop.”

As for changing in years to come, Packer said he would like to be able to have more cashiers.

“The company hasn’t given us any direction yet, but the one thing that I would love to do is have more cashiers,” Packer said.

“Customers don’t understand even though you have 20 or 25 registers at the front, it’s hard to get 25 bodies up there. I wish I had more cashiers so that (customers) would be happy.”

As for hot items selling and sales, McGriff believes sales will continue to flourish past the holiday.

“It’s not over until it’s over,” McGriff, said.

“We expect it to be good for another week or so.”