Humane Society to add new fundraiser

Published 4:54 pm Tuesday, December 13, 2011

After a board meeting in November, The Butler County Humane Society is hoping to add a new fundraiser to raise more money throughout the year.

The group already hosts four fundraisers and the hope is to add a fifth called the “Spayghetti Lunch or Dinner.”

“The new idea is Spayghetti lunch or dinner depending on the time of day,” President Herbert Morton said. “The W.O Parmer Elementary has a brand new cafeteria, and the lady who is the supervisor is willing to help us. We can do it even in the summer when the school is not open. I think we’ll do a lot of carryout business. We need to start at a level to show success.”

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The Society is also looking for more drivers for transport as well as temporary fostering for puppies, kittens, dogs and cats. Kandys Killough, vice president of the Humane Society, has been transporting and taking in animals and said she needs help.

“It would really be wonderful if we had other people that could foster,” Killough said. There are baby kittens that need to be bottle-fed or puppies that might have special needs. This needs to be done. I cannot take care of everybody at my house. There’s not enough time or enough room.”

Killough said there is money to be able to provide items for fostering and she has been working with different transporters and sending animals all over the United States.

“The only reason I have these connections now is because I got into transport and met these men and women who take them all over the country,” Killough said. “There’s no way I’d be able to do this.”

Society member, Annie Crenshaw, said if there were more drivers, there could be more animals saved.

“Kandys, to keep doing second chance rescue and to keep getting these animals adopted and to lessen the burden on the girls at the shelter, we have to keep animals moving out of the county or even in the county,” Crenshaw said. “We need more people to help if you can. If everyone made one trip a month it could save another 100 animals.”

Killough said in a perfect world, the Society could find someone to donate a van to The Humane Society to help transport animals.

In Other Business:

* New officers were elected 2012. Those officers include President – Herbert Morton, Vice President – Kandys Killough, Secretary – Angie Long, Treasurer -Meredith Mann and Advisor – Priscilla Davis

* The calendar is out for people to purchase at $10. Locations where calendars may be purchased include: Tractor Supply, Bates House of Turkey, The Pineapple, Grayson’s in Greenville, Shell Depot, Clay Hill Animal Clinic, The Vanity, Priester’s Pecans, Greenville Animal Shelter, The Smokehouse, Mann & Associates, The Phoenix Salon and Bella Salon & Spa.

* The group is also looking into possibly renting a booth at Hidden Treasures to have a thrift store to raise money.