Escapee captured Thursday

Published 4:21 pm Friday, December 9, 2011

On Thursday morning, a convict escaped from The Butler County Correctional Facility.

“It was an inmate who wanted to talk to the captain and administration personally,” Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden said. “They brought him up there to the office, after talking with him, he broke and ran out the door and the captain pursued him and was able to apprehend him by the Piggly Wiggly. He was gone about 10 minutes at the most.”

The convict, Kelvin Boggan, is in jail for five counts of burglary, third degree, three counts of theft of property, second degree, three counts of criminal trespass, second degree. He was charged with escape, second degree, after Thursday’s incident.

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The Greenville Police Department and the Butler County Sheriff’s Department were able to catch Boggan.

Greenville Police Sgt. Kenneth Hadley was in Harden’s office when Captain Albert McKee came in and let them know about the escape.

“We got in our cars and headed toward Cedar Street behind Piggly Wiggly,” Hadley said. “At that time we saw jailer Jay Anderson who was chasing the suspect. We picked him up and he told us he had seen the suspect go in the parking lot. We turned on Burnett Street, and saw the suspect.

“We cut him off with the car and jumped out. I yelled for him to stop. Just as I got to him (Greenville Police Officer) Chase Little tased the suspect and he hit the ground. I grabbed him by the arms and McKee took my handcuffs and cuffed him. We put him in the car and got him back to the Butler County Correctional Facility.”

Harden said McKee did a good job running behind and keeping departments informed.

“The whole thing probably lasted 10 minutes once we knew he had escaped,” Hadley said. “It went as well as could be expected. No one was injured, even the suspect, other than a couple of little marks from being hit with the taser.”


Andy Brown contributed to this report.